Love & Money

When love and money come together, sparks fly. Whether those sparks create a cozy hearth or a wildfire is up to you and your partner.

If you are  married, living together, or just starting to date someone seriously, the time to talk about money  is now.  Individuals need money to survive and thrive in the world and the same is true for relationships.  People are social animals.  In fact, decades of research show that  happy couples today are happier than ever before in history.   More than single people, couples are richer, physically and emotionally healthier, live longer, report higher life satisfaction and maintain a circle of close family and friends. This level of prosperity requires financial intimacy because the leading cause of relationship strife and divorce is money. With this in mind, Outset Financial is dedicated to helping people mix love and money.  How?  We talk about how to make money work for you and your partner in healthy ways, how to develop financial health as a couple, and what to do if your finances expose problems in the relationship that can’t be fixed. 

In our Love and Money section, you can read about; 

  • How our financial histories impact our love lives. 

  • Real life Modern Love and Money stories about how other couples make it work 

  • How to talk about money at every stage of the your interpersonal journey 

  • Emotional, Financial and sexual intimacy 

  • Money Dates

  • To merge or not to merge finances 

  • How to build financial Intimacy 

  • How To Handle Finances When You Get Engaged

  • Prepping for Divorce(so you never need one)

  • Financial Abuse in Relationships

  • Links Between Money and Sex

  • How To Handle Fights About Money

  • Impact and solutions when Money is out of  balance In a Relationship 

  • Post-nuptial Agreements

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Children, parents and siblings 

  • And much, much, more

Relationships are always changing, and growing so its critical to make sure you are growing as an individual as well.  Regardless of where you are on your money journey check this page .  We regularly update and add more information about how love and money connect, and how you can make sure they connect the right way for your life and dreams.

Mixing love and money should make magic, not misery. Outset Financial helps you and your partner get to know your money while you get to know each other. We also help you grow together, financially and emotionally.

We can help you save for a secure future and protect yourself and loved ones from the inevitable ups and downs of life, together.