Psychology of Money

Money and emotions are inseparable. When we feel financial fear, anxiety, or confusion, we make poor money choices that hurt our bank accounts and relationships. Money—whether it's in a partnership at work, in love, or with family and friends—is a meaningful part of the relationship if we want to admit it or not. Before you think this is "bull feathers," we promise cleaning up your emotions around money will reflect positively in your bank account, health, and personal relations.

If your practical financial life is as you want, but money still impacts the people you love and yourself, then Outset is the place for you. Money issues are nondiscriminatory. It is not the amount of cash, but the feelings that are key.

Outset is a safe place to clearly and calmly learn about your personal money stressors, shed money shame and anxiety, and learn how to communicate openly about money matters.

Outset meets you where you are emotionally, physically, and financially. You are never too young, too poor, too successful, or too unstable or stable in your career to learn, grow, and begin building a secure life free of fear.