Heather's Story
Heather Pulier
A Letter from Our Founder
Growing up, I learned two very practical things about money: how to earn it and how to spend it. I also learned money equaled control and power, and that it was a taboo topic not to be discussed.

This formula—earning, spending and not talking about money—worked. Until it didn't.

I had a master's degree and a career in the entertainment field. I was the founding member of a public tech company.

But then life happened.

The market collapsed. I got divorced. I dealt with my mother's terminal illness, unexpected bills and ultimately, some really bad financial advice. In a matter of months, I went from being totally well-off to completely broke. I was single raising four children, living in financial fear and entirely reliant on others. I was constantly worrying about money. Here's the crazy part: While I'm smart about business, I had no clue how little I understood financial self-care or how financially illiterate I actually was.

Why hadn't I known better? It's simple: I didn't know what I didn't know. I was afraid, embarrassed by how many basic money principles confused me, and ashamed to ask the questions that needed to be asked.

As I rebuilt my life, I had to navigate the often opaque and complicated jargon of the financial world and my emotions. It was daunting. Everything felt confusing on purpose, which only increased my stress. Like I didn't deserve to be financially self-sufficient, which drove me a tad crazy.

Bit by bit, I worked through it. I learned and had difficult conversations with loved ones that made me realize I was blaming others for my money problems and expecting to be rescued. I asked a lot of questions. I listened. I broke down beliefs that I held as truths— I am not capable because I have failed and It's too late, love and money do not mix— and eventually turned my life around.

Never again would I plan my financial future around promises, expectations or assumptions. I knew if I felt this way with my access and resources, so did millions of others.

It's clear that financial facts and emotions are intricately entwined, which is why Outset Financial is a money wellness platform. Today, my life’s passion is to help others overcome their fears and be financially self-sufficient. I’ve assembled the smartest minds to create a no-fuss, straight-talking set of tools for anyone who wants to prosper and grow—and avoid the same mistakes I made.

Everyone deserves to live a life rich in love and money.

All the best,